[Hpn] Fwd: Austin Mayor Pro-tem reply to the new ordenance

john macpherson nyceguy50@yahoo.com
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 09:44:37 -0700 (PDT)

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Subject: RE: YOU and BUSH share in the assets of panhandling as well!
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Hi, John,     the ordinance is about blocking, inhibiting, impeding safe
passage by the public on public rights of way.  So that it is not used in a
way that can be selectively enforced, I got some of the legislative intent
into the record, which is then the policy that has to go with any legitimate
enforcement of the provisions.      

There are other clarifications that I'll ask about at second reading.
There is a real issue that needs to be addressed, and I consider it my
responsibility to make as sure as I can that some additional purpose is not
hidden in the language of the ordinance - one that would encourage or allow
unconstitutional abridgement of the right of anyone to use the public rights
of way in a manner that does not block or inhibit anyone else's access to
sidewalk or establishment, and so, cannot be used to discriminate against
someone for perceived inappropriateness, income level, status of having
shelter or by any standard or reason except that of compromising the safe
passage of the public or any member of the public. 

As to campaign funds and war chests ~ you must not be aware of the campaign
finance reform the people of Austin approved by vote, which caps the amount
of money a City Council candidate can raise, and precludes a City Council
member from having  - or raising - funds. During a campaign I send out
invitations to fundraisers, and there is a limit [by law] to the amount of
money a person can give to the candidate of their choice.  If people choose
to respond to that invitation, and either send a donation or attend the
fundraiser and donate at the event, I accept that donation for the campaign,
if the donation is within the limit of the law.

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From: john macpherson [mailto:nyceguy50@yahoo.com]
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To: Goodman, Jackie
Cc: media challel24
Subject: YOU and BUSH share in the assets of panhandling as well!

Why are you creating an ordenance that selectivly
enforces a class B assult charge, and is allready
covered under said charge. The campaign war chest that
you use is matched by your solicitation of funds that
is described as agressive panhandling.  THe campaign
mailer, public fundraisers, and other advertising
modessurpasses the minimum requirements for your
arrest in agressive solicitation of funds a/k/a
AGRESSIVE PANHANDLING. I must admit that Austin
resident GEORGE W. BUSH colleceted an enormous amount
of money in this manner over the past three years. Why
wasnt he charged with this crime in a class B assault
which agressive panhandling is.

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