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Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Fri, 01 Jun 2001 05:29:08 -0700

Hi all-

After reading reading Silence of the Lambs: The Failure of US Journalism,  and
then Alternet's the 13 Scariest White Guys in America ( see links) I feel it's
time to write this list after having exhausted all other possibilities I can
I have contacted the NYTimes online, a british journalist, a newspaper here
in Oslo, plus a number of other people I thought would or could help to get
my news out. Nothing. The british journalist told me that, because of the UK's
own touchy racial situation at the moment, this story might only inflame things.

The reaction has been my own "silence of the lambs"- a truly weird and scarey
feeling. So now I write you all..because I think this does have something to
do with us.

As people who either are, or who have been, homeless we are especially concerned
with violations of our human and civil rights. The ultimate appeal for these
would seem to be an international institution- namely, the UN Commission on
Human Rights. So when it looks as though things are going wrong in this very
court of appeals, what then?

Silence of the Lambs: The Failure of US Journalism

Alternet-The 13 Scariest White Guys in America

For approximately three years, I have had an online friend, an attorney. As
the strange workings of fate would have it, during those three years I became
homeless, while his path led him to a position on the UN's war crimes tribunal.

Over the last two months, he has been informing me of racist developments within
the very organization that is supposed to look into human rights violations.

Talking of scary White Guys- it seems that these Scary White Guys also back
scary White Women... women who don't want people of other races as their co-workers.

As a result of her racism (she's tried to cover it up by calling all those she
fired "inefficient") my friend and a number of others all lost their jobs. My
friend, in fact, had received a very good job performance review from his immediate

So my fellow HPN-ers, I would like to submit for reading this following letter,
which was sent me by my friend:

Dear Madam/Sir: We are hearing rumors of racism and improper treatment of staff
at ICTR. We have the following facts, which may either be admitted or denied.

1. That after Carla DelPonte took over as the Prosecutor she has been systematically
reducing the number of colored staff in her section. 
2. That in December seven senior staff members complained of discrimination
and there was no action taken thereon and instead Ms. DelPonte wrote to the
Registrar that because the memo was written to the Secretary General, their
contracts should be terminated. 
3. That all but one of the staff members in that list stands terminated/about
to be terminated. 
4. That there is a report by an internal committee has determined that termination
of one of the staff members, Ms. Jane Adong was improper and that she should
be reinstated. 
5. That no action has been taken on that report because of pressure from Carla
6. That very good performance evaluation (the criteria for renewal) is being
ignored and persons with such reports are being terminated on no logical reason.

7. That within the last few days a few staff members were sidelined so as to
affects the ongoing trials / trials to start. That no reason for such sidelining
was given and the staff assumes that this is part of an ethnic cleansing process.

8. That there is a person being protected by Carla DelPonte who admittedly is
not fluent in French or English but is being given charge of cases so that she
can later be promoted. That she has avoided the colored members of her trial
team making it a Caucasian team except for some lowly staff members. 
9. That she is also trying to sack the Deputy Prosecutor because he was opposed
to her racist actions. 
10. That people at UN HQ have been shielding information from the secretary
general in this regard. 
11. That there is very low morale among colored staff of ICTR. 
12. That the Registrar is doing nothing as, he is new, while staffs are being
13. That one of the reasons for this action is that the new performance evaluation
system will give little room for improper sacking and that is why Ms. DelPonte
wants the sacking to be over quick. 
14. That lists of Caucasian candidates for appointment has been drawn up for
implementing ethnic cleansing.

My friend also gave me dozens of UN addresses and email contact numbers. I also
have specific information which can back up anything I've written. If any one
is truly interested, I will be happy to pass this highly specific information
on. Because it also includes (for example) the address of the Secretary General,
I don't want to pass it out lightly. 

For what it's worth, it's my opinion that racism and other violations of human
and civil rights are unacceptable. For what it's worth, I also feel that if
we can take action to right grievances, we should.
Roger, over and out-



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