[Hpn] Hooray!!! Hurrah!!! Cheers!!!: Glad HPN is back again: I have missed ya all!!!

Morgan W. Brown morganbrown@hotmail.com
Tue, 31 Jul 2001 13:49:15 -0400

Hooray!!! Hurrah!!! :-0 Cheers!!! Am really glad HPN is back again.

Thank you Tom & Sandy & the tech people at HPN's host. :-) [Smile]

I have missed HPN & everyone on it.

Sorry, however, for the huge flood of info-e-mails from me; but in thinking 
and hoping that the glitch would be worked out sooner and HPN would be 
active again, I just kept sending most -- but not all-(believe it or not) -- 
of what I was sending out. Plus it was my way of finding out if HPN was up 
or not.

Anyway, tomorrow I will be taking some needed time for myself and should not 
be as active online, so you'll all get a short break from all the stuff I 
tend to send out.

My sincere apologies to anyone who I have overwhelmed by my huge piles of 


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