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Thu, 26 Jul 2001 17:52:06 EDT

Mike, I'm blind copying this to a few others, mostly greens with interests in 
human rights of the homeless.
I think it's a great idea.  MY tenendcy would be to incorporate it into a 
week long series of events- 1. A TEACH-IN with testimony from the homeless 
and representatives from neighborhoods associations. 2.  A SLEEP OUT- where 
we all sleep in our front yards in support of the right to sleep.  3.  A 
SLEEP BAG AN TENT ROUND-UP- where we hand them out in a festive atmosphere.  
4.  A series of Press Conferences before and wafter each event in that one 
week.  5. We need to get FRED KEELEY inbvolved-  I suggest Santa Cruz be the 
host for a state-wide Sleeping While Homeless Summit.  
Also maybe this would be all good to do during the Santa Cruz BEACHFEST.
Also we need to have something up and ready to go for when the students are 
in their second week at UCSC- the teach-in perhaps
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<< Subj:    New Project Idea
 Date:  7/26/01 11:13:13 AM Pacific Daylight Time
 From:  Schmidtceo@aol.com
 MMG Members,
 I have been taking some time off and using the time to rethink what we can 
do to help homeless people before the rains come in the fall. Here is an idea 
I would like to have you take under consideration and maybe we could discuss 
on Monday, August 6th at 8 am at the Homeless Resource Center.
 Since we wanted to do something before the rains came please consider the 
following idea:
 Tents and Sleeping Bags for the Homeless Project
 At the second City Council Meeting in September we request that all 
residents who want to help homeless people get through the winter months that 
they bring to City Council on Sept. 25 their old sleeping bags and tents to 
be distributed to homeless people who are without shelter.
 With any luck we could help generate public support for the homeless and at 
the sometime put much needed pressure on the City Council to act.  If we got 
a good reception from the community and collected a lot of sleeping bags and 
tents we could use this public support to pressure the City Council into 
 What do you think?  
 Michael >>