[Hpn] MAYOR, When is a good time to get arrested for protecting camp paradise?

Dgreensilva1@cs.com Dgreensilva1@cs.com
Fri, 20 Jul 2001 16:39:45 EDT

Tim, my friend, my green mayor, my between a rock and a hard place ally, 
called egg on the face promise breaker:  When will the arrests begin and when 
can we all come down to get arrested with or instead of the homeless.  As an 
HIV person recently arrested for complaining to Internal Affairs I do not 
savor jail but am willing to go. I lost too many HIV/AIDS friends to the 
fatal Santa Cruz Eviction Fever and must stand up for their bodies laid down. 
 Mayor Tim, will you go with me?  Who else will go with me?  When do we go?  
Is there an alert system inplace to call us out all at once or do we just 
keep on filing down there until the jail is overflowing?