[Hpn] Great news! HR-2503 introduced, needs support!

Ellen Thomas prop1@prop1.org
Wed, 18 Jul 2001 09:52:59 -0400

We're jumping for joy, here.  Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton has
re-introduced Proposition One into the U.S. Congress for the fifth time (on
July 16th) as HR 2503.  You can read the text at
http://prop1.org/prop1/hr2503.htm.  At our request, she added a clause (in

"(2) redirect resources that are currently being used for nuclear weapons
programs to use--
... (B) in addressing human and infrastructure needs such as housing, health
care, education, agriculture, and environmental restoration, including
alternative fuel sources;"

Our experience polling the public reveals that people can REALLY get into this
idea.  Use it for all it's worth!

Once again, we're asking you to pester Representatives to co-sponsor the bill
and bring it to the floor for a vote, and Senators to introduce a companion
bill in the Senate.  Now that Jesse Helms is no longer Chair of the Senate
Foreign Relations Committee, we might be able to get some Senatorial support. 
I recall a meeting I had last year ago with Senator Paul Wellstone's aide (MN);
he said "Senator Wellstone would support this in principle, but there's no
point in introducing the legislation in the Senate as long as Jesse Helms is

Minnesotans, call and write Paul Wellstone!  Also Representatives David Minge
and James Oberstar, who co-sponsored in the House in 1994, but not since.

If you do talk to anyone in the Senate or House, we'd sure appreciate your
sending us a report of what was said, good or bad.


Ellen Thomas

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