[Hpn] Fw: where is everybody?! HPN

H. C. [Sonny] Covington H. C. [Sonny] Covington" <icanamerica@usa.com
Mon, 16 Jul 2001 16:36:45 -0400

OK, I am confused.  Where is Tom Boland??

What can we do to reactivate the Homeless Peoples Network (HPN) ListServe
operation at Arizona State University?

I am assuming the problem has been (is) that Tom is the only "authorized"
moderator and all of our email messages are being backlogged at the server.

Please tell Tom to call me (1-800-678-5774) if you hear from him and let's see
what can be done to support our online community.

There are a couple of other existing ListServs that could handle the traffic,
but we would like to see HPN continue as it is and has.

Any comments?


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>Hi Harmony,
>Usually when I come in on Monday morning my inbox is overflowing with posts

>from the HPN. Today there were no new messages at all! Is everybody on
>vacation? Is Morgan Brown in jail? Have you been evicted?
>Actually, I know that not every post gets through, as I tried to put one on

>last week that never showed up on the list. But gee, I'd like to know if
>SOMEBODY is still alive!
>Let me know how you're doing, if you're there!

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Subject: Re: where is everybody?! HPN

Hi, Bridget!

Good question!!
Harmony (that would be me) is still here, and alive and well- and not evicted.
Not Yet. For this month of July.
However, I wonder about how everyone else is doing (i.e. Tom Boland, the HPN
mailing list, Morgan, etc.), which is why I am sending a copy of your letter
to me, and my reply to you, to all the HPN mail addies I can find. (hoping that
you all, in turn, will then forward this to any other HPN addies on the list
that you know of).