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Wednesday, July 18, 2001
Seattle Times <http://seattletimes.nwsource.com>
[Seattle, Washington, USA]
Local News section
Madrona church will soon host tent city

By Beth Kaiman <bkaiman@seattletimes.com>
Seattle Times staff reporter

Seattle's tent city for the homeless will move to St. Thérèse Church next 
month despite objections from neighbors, the Madrona church's pastor 
announced yesterday.

Tent city, home to more than 100 people, has moved around the city for 16 
months. Most of the time the encampments have been set up on church grounds. 
It is now at North Seattle Church of the Nazarene.

The Rev. Paul Magnano of St. Thérèse, 3416 E. Marion St., has met with 
neighbors twice and e-mailed them.

Bill Gallant, spokesman for the Archdiocese of Seattle, said neighbors' 
concerns — about potential security and sanitation problems as a result of 
additional people living in the area — were being addressed.

A 24-hour hotline will be established to handle any complaints, and members 
of the church's homelessness task force will hold weekly meetings with the 

City code-enforcement officials have maintained that tent city is an illegal 
land use. The city has said it intends to fine El Centro de la Raza, a 
community center on Beacon Hill, for hosting tent city for six months, but 
the city has not issued a fine.

The city has stopped pressing the illegal-land-use issue when tent city is 
on church property.

In April, Trinity United Methodist Church in Ballard argued that a federal 
law allows religious institutions to carry out their practices — in this 
case, ministering to poor people — on their property without substantial 
interference from the government.

City officials have not said whether they agree with Trinity United's 
interpretation of the federal law but did agree not to issue a fine.

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