[Hpn] SAN FRANCISCO 15 arrested in noisy protest over budget

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15 arrested in noisy protest over budget

Tuesday, July 17, 2001
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A rowdy protest at City Hall over the city's proposed $5.2 billion budget
ended yesterday in the arrest of 15 people who disrupted the Board of
Supervisors' weekly meeting for nearly an hour.

The protesters want supervisors to boost spending for the homeless, public
health and other services for the poor. The board is scheduled to vote on
the annual spending plan for the first time next week, with final adoption
scheduled July 30. 

The demonstrators -- chanting, blowing whistles and clapping -- bolted past
a barrier to the area where the supervisors sit. Board President Tom Ammiano
quickly called for their dispersal, but it took sheriff's deputies about 45
minutes to call in reinforcements and remove the protesters.

Ten people were arrested inside the chamber and five outside on suspicion of
disturbing the peace, unlawful assembly, trespassing and failure to disperse
-- all misdemeanors. They were booked at the city jail. There were no
injuries and no property damage, according to Sheriff's Department
spokeswoman Eileen Hirst.

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