[Hpn] U.S. flag/martial law flag/constitution

john mcculloch jmcculloch48@hotmail.com
Tue, 10 Jul 2001 11:13:42 -0700

Has anybody heard anything about any rulings in the law governing the 
design/color/makeup of the U.S. flag? We've read a paper explaining that any 
colors other than red, white and blue are considered desecration of the 
flag. Also that any U.S. flag with gold fringe sewn around the edge 
indicates the flag of martial law. Check the flags in your local courtrooms 
and any government buildings and see if they have gold fringe on them. If so 
this means that once you are sworn into that court, you are no longer 
protected by the Constitution, as the court is under martial law.
This paper was written anonymously without a lot of documentation, so we're 
wondering if anyone else has any knowledge of this. We'd like to hear from 

John McCulloch and Bridget Reilly
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