[Hpn] faith based initiatives

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Wed, 04 Jul 2001 15:35:53 1

  Pardon me but my understanding of the excuse ...excuse me, the reason religious groups are exempt from taxes (for the most part) was so they could run such programs in the manner they see fit. Now they are being edged up so they can have more money? Srew that send me the money. I am best at knowing what I need. Send it to Morgan and cindy; screw section 8 and all that! first off stupid people like me asssume it has something to do with discharge from the Army for being nuts (watched MASH way too much)!
  speek truth to power and spend money on the need. 

  And on Camp Paradise still looking for a ratioal answer as to how come the city is able to evict the homeless and unable to do anything about the drug problem that was there before? Come on folks, this is a group I have found to be full of bright intelligent people (except for me and another J.R. but excuse us we are cursed by our initials) so someone clue me in. Is it that a shooting gallery is preferable???
           at a loss in Califoria but sending all a hug (I'd send my best but need to wash it first) Jos