[Hpn] Well Clovis we can put you on the map .....

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Tue, 3 Jul 2001 22:10:12 -0400

Maybe this place needs to have itself put under the microscope like LAPD?
Anything is possible.
If your not violating laws we can state the world is viewing this and
waiting to see if police stop there harrassment campaign and start arresting
some real criminals.
Keep us informed of whats going on!
A Brother In Peace and In strife

 Date: 3 Jul 2001
 From: Kent Paul Dolan xanthian@well.com

 Homeless in Clovis

 Mayor Flores, Mayor-pro-tem Ashbrook:
 (Info cc to Clovis Independent, Usenet)

 I have recently had a chance to deal up front and
 personal with the Clovis Police Department, and
 their attitude toward the homeless.  I have been
 called names, assaulted, battered, harrassed
 unmercifully, threatened repeatedly, subjected to
 sleep deprevation, and had my most cherished
 civil rights violated, those to religious
 freedom, to free speech, to equal protection
 under the law, and to free assembly, by your

 Your police claim that "there are no homeless in
 Clovis", and insist that I leave town to keep it
 that way.  Since homelessness is strongly
 protected under California and Federal law, and
 since I am sworn as a commissioned officer to
 uphold the Constitution of the United States,
 with my life if need be, I will not comply.
 Simply by sitting on a bus stop bench this
 morning, I found ten homeless within a 100 yard
 radius, so I can affirm that your police are
 incorrect.  Your police have instead, by
 brutality, driven the homeless of Clovis into

 What is the inevitable outcome of using police
 and the penal code, instead of social workers and
 well planned programs, to deal with the homeless
 in Clovis, you might ask.

 First and foremost, you risk plague.  By forcing
the homeless to live in filthy, crowded
conditions, you increase the transmission of
tuberculosis, HIV, skin infections,
 staphlococcus, and a host of other diseases.

 Once well established, these diseases will not,
 of course, limit themselves to the homeless, but
 will spread to the general citizenship of

 Worse horrors wait, however.  Cholera, for
 example, is the inevitable result of inadequate
 sewage facilities, and the sewage facilities of
 trash dumpsters put "inadequate" to shame as a
 word insufficient to describe the problem.

 Second, you drag the city's good name in the
 mud.  Already word of Clovis Police Department
 treatment of the homeless has reached around the
 globe with the internet, and has specifically
 entered the Executive Office of the Vice
 President of the United States.  I'm sure Mr.
 Cheney is bewildered by what seems to be a
 description of third world despotism in a small
 US farm town.

 Third, you risk lawsuits with high punative
 damages for egregious violation of the civil
 rights and personal integrety of the homeless.
 Has the Clovis budget included a $10,000,000
 contingency for just the first such lawsuit?

 It is my suggestion that Clovis either face that
 the homeless problem nationwide in the US is also
 a Clovis problem, and take approaches to address
 the issue of homelessness rather than the
 appearance of homelessness, or make plans to
 survive the inevitable results of your current

The following Internet URLs will give a flavor of
the publicity problem Clovis faces.  The discussion
has already gone far outside the bounds of one
person's ability to track it.


 This also might be of interest; civic harrassment of
the homeless has already had its day in court and been
found wanting:



                             Kent Paul Dolan
                  LCDR, United States NOAA Corps, Retired