[Hpn] LISTWORKER TOM hopes to be back online soon / contributions needed

Harmony Kieding worldhome@thesociety.net
Tue, 3 Jul 2001 11:55:26 -0700


What's your earth mailing address??

Am very glad to hear from you! Was wondering when and if you would surface.

Do you have a free internet email providor? like hotmail or somesuch?  I want
to give you my brother's address (will send you a separate  email)- I have fifty
bucks waiting for me in the US which I will direct him to pass on to you. Not
much, but better than nothing, and much easier going to someone in the US than
me in Norway- I lose too much in exchange rate fees.

I know how it is- BT and I are four month's behind in rent and on the verge
of eviction ourselves. It's been potatoes, and we are running out of them.
I was just about to post a "reality check" type of post in hpn, asking how many
of us are still "marginally housed" (while being aware of how many of us are
still homeless!!!)

You'd think there'd be some org that has grants/gifts for the work that you
do (and folks like POOR magazine). 

Well, this probably will embarrass the heck out of you, but you are much loved
by many.

(((sending you a for-real hug, darn it)))



>Howdy, HPNers!
>My Internet Service Provider cut off my online link for the last week in
>June.  On Monday, July 2nd, my ISP let me back online for 24 hours while
>they await a bill payment due to arrive soon.
>To the two HPN listmembers who offered me help while I struggle with
>possible eviction, many thanks!
>Anyone who can contribute cash to support my work with HPN?  Since I have
>no steady source of income, and a monthly room-rent crisis, now would be an

>excellent time.
>I do plan to attend the North American Street Newspaper Association
>convention at the end of July.  I hope to see some of you there.
>I'm enjoying Boston's summer weather, and keeping my hopes up.
>Peace, love and light, y'all! -- Listworker Tom
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