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FWD  Associated Press - AP Wire Service - July 02 2001


CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) _ Proponents of federal funding for
affordable housing said Congress is starting to look at the
shortage of low-income rental units.

A bill introduced last week in a House committee would establish
a national permanent housing trust fund.

Virginia Sellner, director of the Wyoming Coalition for the
Homeless, said a boom economy has driven housing costs up faster
than wages.

``For the first time in a decade, Congress is talking about
building more affordable homes,'' she said.

Wyoming people would benefit from a trust, she said.

``For years in Wyoming they said there wasn't a lack of
affordable housing,'' she said. ``Now they're coming to realize
there is.''

Mike Stanfield, deputy director of the Cheyenne Housing
Authority, said about 650 people are on a waiting list for housing.
His agency helps 1,700 low income families with housing needs.

According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, about
four out of 10 renters in Wyoming are unable to afford a
two-bedroom apartment at fair market rates.

Minimum wage earners would have to work 73 hours a week to make
their rent consume only a third of their income, which is the
accepted standard, according to the coalition.

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