[Hpn] Declare Independance from Corporate Rule

Twig Stye kindhippie@yahoo.com
Mon, 2 Jul 2001 09:36:06 -0700 (PDT)

                    "Declare Independence from
Corporate Rule" 

                    AUSTIN - On July 4th at Zilker
Park (from noon - fireworks), in recognition of our
national "Independence Day"
                    holiday, the Austin Democracy
Coalition is planning a social potluck picnic in the
park, with artistically-oriented
                    protest events taking place
throughout the day and early evening. With the
"Corporate Flag" as our centerpiece
                    (and site marker), a flag that
replaces the stars with corporate logos, we hope to
educate and involve July 4th
                    revelers in events designed to
reclaim our democracy: one of, by and for the people
and NOT of, by and for
                    corporate interests. 

                    Events include: potluck picnic,
"Drum Out Corporate Rule" drum circle, community art
projects, parades with the
                    flag by foot and canoe & the
"Austin Tea Party" performance at the foot bridge
(scheduled for 3:00pm and
                    6:00pm). The group hopes to set up
near the pedestrian bridge on the north side of Barton
Springs Road, across
                    from the entrance into Zilker

                    "We're sick of the level of
control corporations have secured over our politics,
our culture and our daily lives. For
                    over two hundred years,
politicians have been giving corporations the
constitutional powers to rule without our
                    consent. It's time to question
what counts as independence and when we will win it
back," says Stefan Wray, a
                    member of the Democracy Coalition.
'As Abraham Lincoln said, 'This country, with its
institutions, belongs to the
                    people who inhabit it. Whenever
they shall grow weary of the existing Government, they
can exercise their
                    constitutional right of amending
it or their revolutionary right to dismember or
overthrow it.'" 

                    The "Brands and Bands" flag will
be seen flying in many ways and places throughout the
United States as a sign
                    of the determination of the people
to have true independence. 

                    This event is being organized by
the "Austin Democracy Coalition," an alliance of
progressive organizations
                    created in December, 2000, to
commonly protest and resist the Bush-Cheney agenda
after the un-election. We
                    strive to organize, educate and
work for a democratic process both locally and

                    For more information on the
national campaign to "Declare Independence from
Corporate Rule," see:

                    For more information, contact
Cindy Beringer 512-451-1414 heymiss@swbell.net

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