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As a follow-up regarding the ongoing battle over segregated schools for 
children who are homeless, below is a forward of a letter to the editor by 
Senator Dianne Feinstein published in last Friday's (June 29, 2001)
San Francisco Chronicle in response to their editorial on the subject.

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Friday, June 29, 2001
San Francisco Chronicle <http://www.sfgate.com/chronicle>
Letters to the Editor

Feinstein backs classes for homeless

Editor -- Your editorial, "Homeless and separate" (June 22), mistakenly 
characterizes classes taught at transitional learning centers as "separate 
but equal education." These are schools designed to help homeless children 
make a transition into their local public schools.

They are not mandatory. They are an option that often provides showers, 
clothes, meals and at times health and dental care to homeless youngsters 
who otherwise would not be able to obtain these services. The centers can 
offer a helping hand to those in our society who are most in need of 

Because partial federal funding for the project appeared to be in jeopardy, 
I worked with Sen. John Kyl, R-Ariz., to win Senate approval of an amendment 
ensuring that five of eight such schools in California and one in Arizona 
could continue to receive funds.

Before I supported the amendment, members of my staff visited all eight 
transitional learning centers in California and found a good record in 
helping homeless children.

Critics of the centers say public schools should be required to provide all 
the necessary services for homeless children. That argument fails to 
acknowledge that the needs of such children can all too often get lost in 
facilities with thousands of other students, a high percentage of 
uncredentialed teachers and other equally pressing needs.

These critics also fail to recognize that many homeless children would 
simply drop out of school were it not for the option.

So it is time we move beyond what is politically correct and do what we can 
to help children who need some extra assistance because their families have 
lost their homes.



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June 22, 2001
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