[Hpn] What we really need....?

Joseph Wessel jawessel@zdnetonebox.com
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:24:00 -0800

Joseph  Wessel
"faith-based ministries like ours have an agenda. It's to get the homeless
back on their feet and reintegrated into mainstream community life as
quickly as possible. And in mainstream community life, you're told "when
to come and when to go."
Jah, Mein Herr. Sieg Heil!
I can see you have had an impact on the rampant problem of homelessness
in our city. There are more people begging than ever before! 
I think you and I should perhaps talk a bit. I don't dislike you, and
I know you mean well, but you just don't understand. You can reply to
this e-mail and I will be glad to set up a time and place we can meet.
Perhaps we could do lunch at Noonday Ministries?
Sincerely Yours,
Joe Wessel

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