[Hpn] "faith" based - the first lie

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Tue, 30 Jan 2001 12:36:26 0

In America we seem to speak euphemism rather than english, take the example now of calling certain organizations "faith-based" rather than religion-based. Do you doubt that Robertson isn't lining up for more millions of the federal monies he claims to despise? Sure Joy Junction says they don't want the money especially as it comes with such hassles. But I don't necessarilly take comfort there. Such statements have proved to be shall one say -rather plastic when said by others. Besides as this is a grab by people who seek an identity of their cults with the governing bodies. ( And lets face it folks the "chritian coalition" most definitly is as much a cult as Jim Jones' group or the "davidians".)
  These are also groups that have the legal right to discriminate. The Supreme Court has upheld their right to this under freedom of religion and association.
Remember that Bush associates with the group that that went to court (and won) to uphold their right to fire the janitor who wasn't a church member. I can just picture the southern baptist convention that holds as sacred cant that a woman must submit to her husband running a battered woman's shelter. It doesn't matter how much they swear (hands on their bible) that they won't discriminate;
we all know they are lying.
   This is state support of religious organization and you know they are going to pick and choose which ones.
   Of course, maybe I can get wealthy this way... hmmm, let's see -7th church of Jesus Nosferatu ?, Would the fund my 2nd church of satan (american) outreach and homeless shelters inc. ?, - nah I have it!! The Congregation of 7th Day Hooples! You work real hard for 6 days and on the seventh , you go out and get hoopled! Whatever that is! - I'll make it an article of "faith" and therefor undefinable! 
   Oh dear, I think I could make this one work! What a temptation! Satan get thee behind me ! (- and this time please don't push!)
   Does it make me a bad person to picture the theif executive nodding his head and agreeing with me?     8->
      Zen hugs, jos
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 P.S. Welcome Stephanie! And yes many of us on this list do communicate off the list. Some of us even occassionally phone one another. Though I will advise taking all appropriate precautions just as a matter of prudence. That aside you will find it isn't hard to find a friend ,or several, with which you will find a rare closeness. I have. And they even tolerate my puns.
   Truth is I rely very heaviky on this group very heavily to get me through it all. Though I now have a place, I don't have much faith in keeping it, my year + being homeless is something Many people tell me I let weigh to heavily on me.
 Yeah, maybe. I do tend to be a worry-wart. The other truth is that so many people have lived down to my lowest expectations if not actually surpassed them.
      Welcome -jos