[Hpn] More Local Issues...

Joseph Wessel jawessel@zdnetonebox.com
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 21:04:06 -0800

Joseph  Wessel
RE: Homeless Ministries and President Bush 
I'm familiar with Mr. Reynalds' organization...I do respect his right
to run his shelter as he sees fit. 
Allow me a couple of personal observations, though...
I have pointedly avoided Joy Junction in time of need for a couple of
reasons; mainly their assumption that I am in need of religious training
(most folks I know would do the same). I feel it is counter productive
to assume that all who do not share a particular religion must have it
imposed on them as a consequence of accepting aid. It's a shame that
we in Albuquerque can't seem to do any better-that's nearly half the
permanent beds in the city!
I did contact their agency about three weeks ago seeking help or a referral
to get some heat in my camper. Knowing that funds are short especially
at this time of year, I offered them some of my furniture if it would
help them fund a service for me. I was told that simply wasn't done,
but if I wanted to donate the furniture they would be happy to take it.
No attempt was made to refer me or to find another way to help. 
Gee, thanks.

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