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a little something for all the meatheads like me, awaiting our spectacular
national sports homage to Budweiser, dot.coms and investment firms.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention United Way...



Friday,January 26,2001


*Linebacker Cornell Brown: got a suspended sentence on charge of drunken
driving in 1998. His license was suspended, and he was released on a $1,500
bond, but was re-arrested the next day. He was convicted in May 1998 of
misdemeanor assault and battery in a campus brawl and served two days.

* Tight end Ben Coates was acquitted of assault and battery after a July
1998 arrest for allegedly assaulting a woman at his Franklin, Mass., home.

* Linebacker Anthony Davis: He's winding down a two-year probation for
negligent driving, from a March 1999 arrest in Pasco, Wash., in which he
refused to take a Breathalyzer test. He also got 90 days suspended and an
$1,100 fine.

*Tight end Pedro Edison: charged with involuntary manslaughter - knocked
down to reckless driving - in June 1996 after an accident that killed his
friend. Pleaded guilty; got four months. Edison also was arrested in April
1997 for destruction of property and obstruction of justice.

* Running back Jamal Lewis: got three years' probation for shoplifting a
$109 polo shirt in March 1997 in Atlanta.

* Linebacker Ray Lewis: pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, and
testified in a case in which he originally was charged with fatally stabbing
two men in Atlanta. Got one year probation, with the conviction removed
after that. He also was fined $250,000 by the NFL.

* Cornerback Chris McAlister: Given a summons last June in Baltimore for
possession of marijuana, which cops said they found during a burglary
investigation at his home.

* Defensive tackle Tony Siragusa: got a suspended 180-day sentence for
disorderly conduct for an October 1991 Indianapolis arrest. A gun charge
with dismissed. Battery cases in 1992 and 1993 were dismissed.

* Tight end Shannon Sharpe: charged with simple battery in January 1995 in
Atlanta after fighting with his girlfriend. Disposition of case unavailable
from the court.

* Defensive tackle Larry Webster: arrested in August 1992 on a charge of
soliciting a prostitute in Opa-Locka, Fla.; case closed in November, with no
other information available.

* Defensive back Rod Woodson: acquitted in May 1993 in Fort Wayne, Ind., of
battery on a police officer and resisting arrest. A June 1989 case of
battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest also
was dismissed. Woodson pleaded guilty to criminal conversion, for charging
$476 in phone calls to others, in 1986 in Tippecanoe County, Ind. Got 40
hours of community service and $600 in fines and costs. Also charged in 1988
with stealing a tip jar containing $70 from a bar in West Lafayette, Ind.


* Quarterback Kerry Collins: pleaded no contest in April 1999 to driving
while impaired by booze in North Carolina. Collins' license was suspended,
and he was ordered to pay $186.

* Defensive back Sam Garnes: acquitted of a felonious assault charge filed
in September 1996 in Cincinnati after he allegedly threw a shot glass that
cut a man's face. Garnes, at the University of Cincinnati at the time, also
was arrested on two traffic warrants. A speeding charge was dismissed, and
he was fined $53 for unauthorized use of license plates.

* Defensive tackle Keith Hamilton: arrested in November 1998 on the George
Washington Bridge on a number of driving and marijuana charges. Charges
dismissed in December 1999 after Hamilton completed a program for first-time

* Defensive end Cedric Jones: charged with public intoxication, interfering
with official process, and consuming booze in public in May 1995 in Norman,
Okla., while in college. He forfeited a $72 bond to settle the charges.

* Defensive tackle Christian Peter: His arrest record includes charges of
disturbing the peace, trespassing, urinating in public, refusing to comply
with a policeman, threatening to kill a parking attendant, and possessing
alcohol while underage. He was on probation for 18 months for third-degree
assault on a former Miss Nebraska in a bar. In 1997, the University of
Nebraska paid $50,000 to settle with a woman who said Peter raped her twice
in 1991. He pleaded no contest in March 1996 to disturbing the peace in a
case in which he harassed women in a bar, got 10 days in jail and a $300

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