[Hpn] on sleeping in Fairfax

Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sun, 28 Jan 2001 14:31:13 0

Everyone seems to ask,"What next? Will it become a crime to be poor?".

It isn't? Fooled me! I can hardly wait for some swat team (or will they be "nap" teams?) to raid some wealthy individual's manse cause they were napping in the comfy chair ( Ethan Allen's "Spanish Inquisition recliner #204). Oh my Gods, what if there are any of those elder southern colonel types still living! you know how the poor dears can't help but fall asleep when they sit in rattan chairs on the veranda! (Real people have "verandas", working stiffs have to put up with porches.)
At least this law is "democratic"in that everyone is targeted. This includes people under anesthesia in surgery, I assume! (That'll teach'em!)Or can we say"selective enforcement"?
  Oh dear, I'm being cynical again aren't I?
  This is from people who would probably tell you they want gov't out of people's lives as it is too intrusive. Of course their excuse is the homeless in parks, store fronts, on the same planet, or whatever. 
  Oh and I don't see Ashcroft as a "conservative". I call that ilk "reactionary" also known as "full-goose bozos". To call him aconservative is like calling Trotsky a "liberal". (Sure, someone once called him  a cab in Mexico City but no one in this list would sink so low as to do that pun, right!?)
   Was it Thurmon who tried to repeal the "law of gravity"  cause he couldn't find it in the Christian Bible? I forget. Worse, at first I thought it was just a goof!( Seen another way I guess I was right!)
        Don't let them catch you napping- I mean it! ... jos