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People arrested for handing out free food!

Netherlands, Utrecht
Friday the last two arrested activists involved in the 'Free Food
Utrecht' were released. In total, thursday 13 people got arrested for
handing out or eating free food in a shopping megamall in Utrecht and
food and gear was confiscated. Police ordered the group to leave
because they didn't have a license, based on local regulations
stating that trade involving a stall or table is prohibited.
Fortunately a judge ordered the release of the activists, since
handing out free food was stated not to be trade.

Police stated forceful measures were necessary since some people
heavily resisted arrest. One officer was said to have a concussion
and facial injuries because she was assaulted by one of the food not
bombs activists. However, witnesses testify that the stated activist
was actually thrown to the ground and cuffed by three policemen,
making it not very likely for him to be able to resist arrest.

The local police supervisor said that even if free food would apply
for a license, he would be against it, since he wants to keep the
shopping centre clean and free of disturbances. Free Food was said to
only atract junkies and homeless people. Shopping ‹beralles!
In fact, Free Food is not just free food, but a direct
anti-authoritarian stance against the capitalist, throw away culture

Free Food said not to pay attention to stupid rules since food is a
basic need, and they will continue handing out a nice dinner.


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