[Hpn] Re: Is anybody Out there?

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Sat, 27 Jan 2001 07:10:59 -0800


yikes..please educate this instant newbie here, who doesn't know what "Housing
Readiness" means. What does it mean?
It sounds like one of those "labels".....(now, now Harmony..stay open-minded!!)....

 your sis, (in spirit) 


>Hey all,   Way for me to throw out a questions and then dissapear. Same stuff
diferent day. 
>I have slipped away from the net caught up in (yeak!) Reality up close and
ugly. I am tired y' all. I usally pretty good at staying pumped but damn the
fight is happening on too many fronts. 
>We fight each other and "Them". And to tell you the truth them could be most
of us at any given moment. 
>Not to change my focus completely but what do you think about the term "Housing
Readiness"? What does it mean to you?  I have been hearing the term quite abit
and it disturbs me. 
>Stay strong and know your role, play it to the hilt. you only got one chance
to get it right.
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