[Hpn] Re: Is anybody Out there?

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
27 Jan 2001 06:14:19 -0800

Hey all,   Way for me to throw out a questions and then dissapear. Same stuff diferent day. 

I have slipped away from the net caught up in (yeak!) Reality up close and ugly. I am tired y' all. I usally pretty good at staying pumped but damn the fight is happening on too many fronts. 

We fight each other and "Them". And to tell you the truth them could be most of us at any given moment. 

Not to change my focus completely but what do you think about the term "Housing Readiness"? What does it mean to you?  I have been hearing the term quite abit and it disturbs me. 

Stay strong and know your role, play it to the hilt. you only got one chance to get it right.


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