[Hpn] HOMELESSNESS MARATHON SURVEY - Feedback Request to radio listeners & participants listeners & participants

Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 22:38:16 -0800 (PST)

Feedback Request to radio listeners & participants:

If you heard or helped with this week's Homelessness Marathon radio talk
show, please give your FEEDBACK.  Your comments will help us to produce an
even better show next year

(The "Fourth Annual Homelessness Marathon" radio talk show was broadcast on
the Web & over 30 NPR stations from 7 p.m. on January 24 to 9 a.m. EST on
January 25, 2001. Scores of people visited or helped at the broadcast site,
at the Old Cambridge Baptist Church, 1151 Mass Ave, in Cambridge, MA, USA.)

Show participants, please email HPN your general comments.  Or answer some
or all of the survey qeustions below:


How did you participate? (check all options which apply to you)

  Open-mike speaker
  Scheduled guest
  Technical production
  Other (please describe)

What did you "like most" about the show?

What did you "dislike most"?

What would you suggest to "improve the quality of the show" the next time
we broadcast it?

How did you first learn about the Homelessness Marathon?

If you listened to any of the show, on which Radio Station(s) or Web
Site(s) did you hear the broadcast?

What hours did you listen, and from what Time Zone?

Overall, how would you rate the Homelessness Marathon - compared with other
broadcasts you've heard about homelessness?

  (choose one)

  Much Better
  Somewhat better
  About average
  A little worse
  A lot worse

Please give details to explain your overall rating for the radio show.

Show participants and listeners, thanks for your feedback!.

(end of survey)


7 - 8pmEST / Opening remarks by Nobody. Then panel of Homeless Youth.

8 - 9pmEST
Falling Out The Bottom: How The New Economy Creates New Homelessness.
Co-Hosts, Ellen Frank, Professor of Economics at Emmanuel College {and
another co-host to be named}

9 - 10pmEST / Homelessness and Race.
Co-Hosts: Indio, former member of "The Harlem Lords" and current editor of
Street News, the homeless paper of NYC {and another co-host to be named}

10 - 11pmEST / A Panel of Homeless Grandparents

11 - Midnight / Homeless And Disabled: As If Things Weren't Bad Enough.
Co-Hosts: David Oaks, Director Support Coalition International and Charles
Swenson and Steve R., two wheelchair-bound homeless men.

Midnight - 1am / Why Good Intentions Aren't Enough: A Look at Boston and
Co-Hosts: Macy Delong, Director of Solutions At Work and Vicki Coleman with
Homes For Families

1 - 2amEST / Women and Homelessness.
Julia Tripp, a formerly homeless woman now an advocate for homeless women
and Stephanie Golden, author of "The Women Outside: Meanings And Myths Of

2 - 3amEST / Open Mic Hour

3 - 4amEST / Gentrification.
Co-Hosts: Tom Boland, founder, Homeless People's Network on line [on site]
and Paul Boden, director San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness

4 - 5amEST / Going Hungry: How Do Poor People Eat?
Co-Hosts: Richard Edmundson, a formerly homeless man and founder of San
Francisco Liberation Radio and Kathleen Gorman, Director of the University
of Rhode Island Feinstein Center For A Hunger-Free America

5 - 6amEST / Open Mic Hour

6 - 7amEST / Rights: Do Homeless People Have Any?
Co-Hosts: Laurel Weir, Policy Director National Law Center On Homelessness
and Poverty and Cheri Hankala, Executive Director, Kensington Welfare
Rights Union

7 - 8amEST / Health Care and homelessness.
Co-Hosts: Dr. Jim O'Connel, physician-founder Boston Health Care for the
Homeless and Steffi Woolhandler, co-founder of Physicians for a National
Health Program

8 - 9amEST / Can the Problem Be Solved?
Co-Hosts: Maryanne Gleason, former executive director, National Coalition
for the Homeless and Rev. Dr. Deborah W. Lyttle, Executive Director
Ecclesia Ministries and Priest of Common Cathedral, an open air ministry
for homeless people on the Boston Commons



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