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>D.C. Officials Grapple With 5th Homeless Death

Portions removed by Elijah ( Because I'm not familiar with copy write, can 
anyone help me?)

Kenny is a very good friend and did emergency pschyciatric outreach for the 
district for well over a decade, He now does an unregestered outreach, as he 
wanted to do more. It is funded out of his own pocket, and the pockets of a 
few friends.He also when I was at my second most depressed state in my life 
consuled me long distance at his expenxe for about 2 hrs, saving me from 
doing something stupid
You can skim over this but read the whole article. the url is above

A fifth homeless adult was found dead on the street in Northwest Washington 
yesterday as D.C officials had a rare get together agencies due to homeless 
fatalities that began in late December.
Robert E. Richards was found dead at 8:10 a.m. across from the U.S. 
Department of Commerce, according to officials. The area is midway between 
the White House and the Washington Monument. said Chief Medical Examiner 
Jonathan L. Arden. "He fits the general pattern of being found dead in an 
outdoor or unheated place, in cold weather, under circum-stances that 
strongly raise the issue of death by hypothermia," Arden said.
Four other homeless have died in the District since Dec. 23, their deaths 
initially unnoticed by city officials.  Frank Knutkowski Jr., 47,said 
"Basically, everybody was up and trying to wake him, but he didn't budge a 
bit,If he were on the grating, with the steam blowing on him, he would 
probably be alive today."
Brian Carome, executive director of Project Northstar, a literacy and 
mentoring program for children in the District, some of whom are homeless, 
said the official response has been inadequate.
"Can it get worse than this? I cannot imagine that it can," Carome said. 
"Persons, our neighbors, are dying again in significant numbers. It should 
not have taken a cold winter to remind us that we need to care for them . . 
. . We are a better city than this."

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