[Hpn] Help. Two Questions

lotus india lotusindia@my-deja.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2001 06:20:20 -0800

First, I want to thank whoever starting this list for getting it going.

Between 1993 and 95 I was near homeless. Technically I was not 
homeless because I found a place to stay, people who would put me 
up, but they took too much control over my life and tho I still do 
not criticize them to this day, I want to make sure I never have 
to go back to such a situation again. I had no job, no way of 
making money, and that is what helped to put me in that situation 
in the first place. (The other thing that "helped," or was actually 
the cause, was an abusive husband.) I was a stay-at-home mom most of my life, and a wife, so I have long been out of the job market skills area. However, now I have online. I have a fear of loosing the little bit of independence I have gotten for myself, a big fear of it actually, but if I could do something online, I would have a job! Now I have tried a few things. They all promise money but its like a nickle a day for a year, and than they won't cut you a check until you have made about $25, and by that time you have given up. They probably know this. However, my question is, has anyone put together a program, or just has some solid ideas how the homeless or close to homeless, can SUCCESSFULLY make money from online? (For me, I live in the woods. There is NO employment here.)

My second question is simple. Can I get this list in digest format?

Thank you for your time and all you are doing. Its great!


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