[Hpn] HUD** Charlie Bass and Housing?

William Charles Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Mon, 22 Jan 2001 21:58:01 -0500


 Today I received a phone call about 3:00 PM from Representative Charles
 Bass's office,I forget the woman's name[as I had company and it was rather
 hectic here] but she said Representative Bass was interested in hearing
 about the vacant  16 units of housing on Franklin Street in Franklin,New
 Hampshire and so I went on to tell her my thoughts!

 1.That I believed the Franklin District Court should have recused them
 selves from hearing this case for conflict of interest reasons,as how could
 they possibley sit on this case when it was local involved politics which
 the judges all knew about,thus being a natural conflict of interest in
 Concord District Court or New London District should have sat on it.

 2.That I believed that Franklin City Council's minutes of the meetings
 should be made public, as I feel this was a biased discriminatory cleansing
 of the disabled poor or low income peoples from the central city for
 whatever reasons,and that if it was not than Franklin city hall should have
 no problem showing the minutes of their meetings and any original notes
 have .

 3.That it was very odd that 2 months prior to the city doing its $54,000.00
 paid study Franklin Housing Authority (HUD) had recertified the homes on
 Franklin Street as being suitable to live in,only one was cited to need a
 vent fan and a light switch needed repair and they had low income vouchers
 of I believe 4  families in these three houses!

 4.My question to David Harrity of HUD if Charles Bass contacted them was
 this;Why were the homes HUD approved 2 months earlier and two months later
 after Franklin City Council did study claiming homes were not fit to live
 did Franklin Housing authority pull their vouchers?Something smells very
 funny here!

 5.That out of 37 people living in those homes 5 special needs children
 there,costing Franklin $30,000.000 a year per child per school year,and
 would it not make sense to get them to move to some other community if
 Franklin,N.H. pulled this off they just violated the Americans with
 Disabilities Act big time.

 6. The lady said she would be calling David Harrity of HUD, and Franklin
 City Council offices Cityhall@franklin.nh.us 603-286-2492,I told her I have
 e-mailed to Franklin City Hall, and to David Harrity, but I got nothing but
 a sour taste in my mouth,and David Harrity said he would not check into
 Franklin City Halls financial fundability because I thought that they were
 miss using federal funds to displace persons,but I did go one further I did
 ask if we could have Representative Charlie Bass request an accounting of
 this money where it came from etc! FOIA could we citizens make Franklin
 Hall give us public minutes of their meetings of when they first decided to
 take these homes for eminent domain?

 7.I told her that if some one takes units of affordable housing off the
 rental market they should have better/or equal affordable homes for the
 citizens to move into, and so far Franklin, N.H. had not built a new thing
 to accommodate the persons they displaced,and yet Franklin's Mayor  wants
 bring  Luge racing  to Franklin now and industry? Where is he going to
 the persons that come to Franklin for such a event?Or where are the workers
 going to live if there are no affordable homes to live in?

 8. I left off the conversation with this thought if Representative Charlie
 Bass could help out the citizens of Franklin that were so rudely evicted
 from their homes,and could get some real answers than it would be great at
 least in my eyes,because it appeared that this was a elitist discriminatory
 poverty cleansing from the get go.

  I am hopefull that some one will request Franklin City Hall open up its
 minutes to public scrutiny and also that some one check to see what and how
 Franklin City Hall Councilmen and Mayor  helped relocate and move these 37
 persons and have they a list of every ones addresses to where they are
 living now?

 I am hope full we can at least get some straight forward answers and not
 double talk and non answers,as I believe the citizens of New Hampshire and
 voters do have a right to know,I belong to both of these groups.

William"Bill" Tinker
25 Granite Street
Northfield,N.H 03276 USA
Advocate,activist for displaced,disabled,and parents human rights