[Hpn] Cambridge, MA bound to attend & report on Homeless Marathon

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Mon, 22 Jan 2001 16:00:08 -0500


Since there appears to be no way for me to meaningful participate and to 
also cover the street-view of the upcoming Fourth Annual Homeless Marathon 
for "The Independent", I will be going down to Cambridge, Massachusetts to 
attend (and to participate -- if the opportunity affords itself).

I will be covering the Homeless Marathon for "The Independent"-(A Vermont 
publication for seniors and people with disabilities). The paper's editor, 
Deborah Lisi-Baker has agreed to publish an article by me on the event in 
the April/May 2001 edition.

Being able to call in to the Homeless Marathon would be very limited for 
what I would like to do. So far anyway there seems to not be any radio 
stations in our area (central Vermont or anywhere else in Vermont for that 
matter either) which will be airing the event. That means that I and others 
here can not listen in here in Vermont. In addition, what online access I 
have use of won't allow me to listen that way either. The best thing then 
for me to do is to come down and report back to others about it both by word 
of mouth and through my article.

I plan to leave Wednesday on one of the morning buses down, which will get 
me in to Boston sometime in the afternoon. That way I can make sure to be at 
the Pit in Harvard Square before 6:00 pm to gather for the candlelight 

Among the many things I can speak to (if time allows) is how difficult it is 
for people to find housing for many reasons which are beyond their own 
ability to control.

For instance: the rents are so high and, some landlords are less willing to 
be in the section eight program -- even though the program now favors 
landlords much more with the changes they have made to it, that the section 
eight rental housing vouchers are nearly useless. Plus our existing housing 
stock is either being gentrified for other uses at higher rents or it is 
outright being demolished in some cases to create more parking lots or for 
other uses without that existing housing stock being replaced. Then there 
are other pressures
that are depriving access to (real) housing as well of course.

I and many others know.

For example: Three and a half years ago I lost the voucher I had for five 
years, because I could not find another place to rent within the 120 time 
period to do so (60 day initial period, plus two 30 day extensions), once I 
left where I was living.

Today, I lose the one I got awarded me last September (2000) since I have 
not been able find a place after the time limits ran out for me to do so (60 
day initial period, plus a full 60 day extension). However, I will be going 
back to the Vermont State Housing Authority to sign up again and get back on 
the waiting list for still another voucher.

I refuse to give up.

Just like it is and has been happening elsewhere in our nation, we have been 
facing here in places like little old Vermont.

It feels like an outright war going on with those who are or have been 
homeless, and those otherwise are on the edges of it, its refugees and 
victims who are regarded as the enemy or problem ...

I do not find any of it acceptable.

Below this message is more information regarding the Homeless Marathon -- 
including the Web address for an additional article I came across online 
about it is featured in Real Change News.

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Homeless in Montpelier Vermont


-------Forwarded FYI-------

This week, please participate in & listen to the

Fourth Annual Homeless Marathon Call-In Radio Talk Show:


Homelessness Marathon Radio Talk-Show
Call In Phone numbers are:

1-877-533-8478 -- for those who were, are or might become HOMELESS

1-800-213-9367 -- for all OTHERS

When: Wednesday (1/24) 7:00 pm - Thursday (1/25/2001) 9:00 am

Homeless Marathon Schedule:


--Note: Schedule in Eastern Standard Time [ EST ]

Where: Participating radio stations or live Web cast

Where to Hear the 4th Annual Homelessness Marathon:


-- [ Multiple stations in CA, IL, ND, NY, WA, OR, ME ]

Go to & read the below recent articles for more information:

Boston Phoenix
Where the heart is: Marathon man:


Real Change News
Shock Jock:
Homeless community covenes on air:



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Note: Please feel free to forward this entire message as is on to others. -- 

Morgan <morganbrown@hotmail.com>
Morgan W. Brown
Montpelier Vermont USA

PS  If you have not been there either before or recently,
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