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Inaugurauction Protests - San Francisco
by Orwell Warned January 20 2001, Sat, 8:06pm
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Report on San Francisco Inaugurauction Protests

An estimated 20,000 peoplecame to San Francisco's Civic Center to protest
the election theft.

Speeches were kicked off with an address from Tom Ammiano, President of San
Francisco's Board of Supervisors.

The diverse crowd atracted people of all ages. Original protest signs as
diverse as the crowd sported many creative, and often humorous messages,
criticising the pathetic state of Democracy displayed in the recent

Another rally with speakers was held following a march to Jefferson Park.

Undaunted by police and lack of a permit, a group of about 3000 people
continued to march beyond the park. A bicycle-drawn sound system provided
dance music and inspriation to the marcher, who proceeded towards downtown
San Francisco. 

Five or six impromptu "Reclaim the Streets" style parties took place
wherever the crowd stopped, to the delight of pedestrians and onlookers.
Support for the protest was overwhelming, with drivers honking, onlookers
waving and joining the march along the way.

No arrests were made, despite the spirited and sometimes disorderly crowd.
Several copwatch monitors commented on the hands-off handling by the police.
It was obvious they wanted to avoid arrests, and thus any corporate news

The march ended after a long, winding tour through downtown San Francisco's
shopping district, with a rally at Powell street's cable car turnaround.
Several activists also blockaded The GAP, chanting "Sweatshop labor makes
Gap CRAP!" in protest of GAP's treatment of workers, and clearcutting of
California's last coastal redwoods.



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