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j20 march 
by anonymous January 20 2001, Sat, 8:16pm
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j20 march in san francisco

J20 san francisco - thousands gathered in front of city hall to protest the
fraudulent election of the dumbass texan fratboy nightmare. the crowd
marched from city hall through desolate neighborhoods on a police approved
route ending in jefferson square park.

the park was crowded with people listening to speakers. part of the crowd
walked towards van ness. once at the intersection of van ness and turk, the
protesters attempted to take the intersection. with hundreds of people
marching to join them - and saturday afternoon traffic at a full stop - the
police told the protesters they could march down south van ness.

the march continued to market street where protesters danced in the
intersection. part of the crowd wanted to head towards the mission district
to continue a huge party in the streets. however, the sidestreets looked too
empty to venture down. so the crowd headed downtown...

once at powell and market - amidst the satuday shoppers and tourists - the
music was turned up loud and the dancing continued. police on horseback
showed up trying to contain the crowd. in a tense moment with police on
motorcycles attempting to divide the protesters, a lone breakdancer took to
the street and the police got out of the way.

the march continued down market to the financial district and circled around
back towards union square with riot police in pursuit. the march ended up at
the cable car turnaround and the protesters used it as a merry go round!
people locked arms in front of the gap and closed it down. about 30 people
ran into the gap and police chased them out.

A police captain was overheard saying that they did not want to attack
people because there were too many tourists around and the police didn't
know who was "friend or foe."

no arrests have been reported at 7pm, revelers still occupy the cable car
turnaround as police barricade themselves inside the gap.

j20 a shor t review part2
by Mr. CAT January 20 2001, Sat, 9:05pm
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An addition to the report of the j20 rally in SF. The Official March was
very creative and lively.
The breakaway march was not approved by the organizers or the police. The
police tried unsuccessfully to stop the march from taking van ness or market
St. There was no negotiation with the police. The people on the march took
direct action and asserted thier rights in the streets. It was unpermitted
and lively as hell and fun. The dancing was mad, and many people broke away
from the sidewalks and joined the dancing in the streets. People involved
included: Reclaim the Streets!, Art & Revolution!, and many other anarchist
groups. The break away action can only be compared to the highly spirited
renegade marches of the Gulf War in San Francisco.


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