[Hpn] Pooling our fund -a- mental resources?

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If some one can come up with some solid funding help for this agency will
they forward information to Laura Bridges at Djabr@aol.com
Thank you!
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 Hi Bill,

 I manage Loaves & Fishes, a regional food pantry & emergency assistance
 agency in N. Central MA, on the former Ft. Devens. L&F serves residents of
 Ayer, Harvard, Groton, Shirley, Littleton & Devens, and (short-term only,
 anyone who is homeless or otherwise in crisis). Loaves & Fishes operates a
 free-choice pantry, a voucher system at a local grocery store for residents
 of the service area, emergency hot meals at a local restaurant, short-term
 shelter at a local motel (generally limited to 3 days), offers free
 toys & books for kids, offers some rent and utility assistance, some $ for
 clients seeking to go back to school, camperships, crisis intervention
 counseling through our Client Advocate, and whatever else we can cough up,
 resources permit. We are an ecumenical mission chartered by two churches in
 the town of Ayer -- St. Andrew's and the Federated.

 I am looking for information about how to construct a solid
 insecurity" documentation project, as there is presently no data being
 collected for our region. Have contacted MA Coalition for the Homeless, and
 MA Housing & Shelter Alliance, with poor results. They seem only to focus
 their efforts on the large urban areas. I almost get the sense they feel
 competitive about the limited resources in this state, and don't want to
 up a piece of their political or financial pie. I hope I'm wrong. Without

 data to back up what we are experiencing, we are limiting the resources we
 can access to help those we serve. Data (backed up by advocacy) gives the
 disenfranchised a voice that matters in terms of public policy.

 Also, in our area are 2 shelters, both on Devens -- Sylvia's Haven, for
 age 20+, with or without children, and a new shelter for male veterans will
 be opening at the end of January. Lt. Gov. Jane (not so) Swift will be the
 guest speaker at the opening ceremony.

 Laura Bridges