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This is good news:

2:21pm EST   black block demonstrators moving down 14th and K, after JAM
demonstrators outnumber police, forcing them to release surrounded BB
members who were about to be arrested at 14th and K

I was wondering how the situation resolved itself because I was doing
comms on the perimeter.

There was only one injury. One guy got hit in the head, nothing serious.

The black bloc was pretty impressive, albeit quiet. It took off
imemdiately at 10, which I have to give them credit for. I was running
10 minutes late. The cops lets us march around the downtown streets for
about an hour, but for some strange reason the bloc headed north. I
tried to warn the bloc at one point that the cops were bringing vans
behind the bloc and basically sneaking more forces in. I think they may
have started this because of some graffiti on the Washington Post
building and some knocked over newspaper boxes. I wasn't in the bloc
when the situation escalated, but the cops were pretty quick about
getting out and forcing anarchists to the sidewalks.

I did see some brave black blocers fighting back for the street. At one
point they split the block, allowing them to hem in several dozen.

Oh, black bloc size: 500

I think what saved out butts from mass arrests was the increasing amount
of other protest marches that came through the area.

There are thousands of demonstrators down here!


Pleae forward this message and post it on IMC. I have to get back to the


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