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Joseph Reynolds reynolds@webmail.pe.net
Sat, 20 Jan 2001 16:36:43 0

As I read Mr. Boland's posting on the president's mentor all I could think was that how can so educated people get it so wrong? First off they are confusing spirituality with religion - especially their own. 
  But I'm taking it too seriously. It isn't like they know that they are just raiding the public coffers. These ones may refer to themselves as the "right" and as "conservatives" but they are neither. Unless you define conservatism as a search for a better moral justification for greed.
  Their primary aim will be the same as the moonies or any other group of this particular ilk. And everything else comes dead last if it indeed gets more than lip service. I'm a little fed up with these people as they are also NIMBY types
Look to all the stuff that Robertson's group does and the first thing that Robertson does after asking the faithful for yet more money is to transfer large amounts of it to himself. All nice and legal of course. Ah but there can be such a large chasm between what is right and what is legal.
   Maybe the real reason  the these peeps hate Clinton is sheer jealousy. He does what they want to and gets away with it. After all it was "liberal" Bill who ended welfare as we knew it. And if memory serves it was "liberal" Al Gore who first brought up the name Willie Horton against Dukaukus! And both those two spoke highly of the idea.
   So tell me are they going to let the KKK and other groups in on this? After all they are "faith based" although despicable.
   Faith based - which and whose faith. This is a big wiggly can of worms they are opening. Besides this will corrupt the message of any hinest group in the end as the separation between church and state erodes. As they become identified with one another. And the eventual winnowing process that will lead to will be, if you will excuse the image, quite Darwinian as the bigger groups assimilate one another.
   Also these yahoos always seem to confuse the idea of the U.S. having started as a "Christian" nation with the idea of a "Christian" state. If you  want to see what happens when any religion dominates the political life - well read Orson Scott Card. In his non-fiction writings he points to what his own religion has done in Utah and regrets it. There is quite a span between what a religious nation and a religious state is. In a certain weird manner the Soviet Union under Stalin was a "religious" state. Poor Uncle Joe was an unrelenting and jealous pope. A True believer in his own vision. His version of "scientific socialism" was very unscientific. 
  And these people will become very unchristian. All over you and me with out even the least tremor of conscience. 
  Unfortunately the democrats seem to be willing (as usual) to let them have their way. We have to let them understand that if they don't show some backbone then they will lose even bigger in the next elections. When Americans have a choice of either a republican or a democrat who is going to act like a republican Americans usually vote for the republican.
  Which is a shame when you see what the republicans have remade themselves into.
  To make it short - it is a scam and a dangerous one
        - jos