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Thursday 1/18/01 
Forty make use of shelter offer
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BINGHAMTON - Forty homeless people have moved to a Binghamton facility that
houses people with disabilities since a church-run shelter closed last

Renaissance Plaza on Front Street has been taking in those who had nowhere
to go after the Tri-Cities Baptist Rescue Mission closed Dec. 1. Other
agencies that shelter homeless people, such as the YMCA, have been booked
solid. And Broome County has no shelter that focuses only on the homeless.

The Broome County Homeless Coalition, which advocates for the homeless,
appealed to the public for help. Renaissance Plaza stepped up to the plate.

"The invisible homeless are coming out," said coalition member John Lewis.

The good news is some are already getting back on their feet, said Diane
Cobb, director of admissions for Renaissance Plaza. Five of the homeless
people who came to their facility have already begun working.

YMCA residence director Ed Anderson wasn't surprised to hear that.

"You can't get a job if you don't have a place of residence," he said.

But give these people a place to stay with a telephone and they can quickly
become self-sufficient, Anderson said. "A lot of them will work if you give
them an opportunity," he said.

Several agencies and churches have offered space for a shelter, said
coalition Co-chairman Bob DeLuca of Project Uplift. Now, he said, the
coalition needs to develop a proposal for a shelter, something several
coalition members volunteered to do in time for the coalition's next


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