[Hpn] A crime against the people is a crime regardless of fiscal ability.

Lucinda Houston lucy@efn.org
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 15:38:10 -0800

I tried editing the subject line but I'm a little fuzzy as to whether it was
intended to be "of fiscal" ability.

Pastors are individuals and can be as different as night and day.
From the little Penticostal Church that was across the street from grandma's
house in Brinkley, Arkansas, I met two different kinds.  First, there was
Reverend Eddie Disotell.  I was a teen spending the summer there when I met
him (1973).  Grandma used to have him over to pray for her when she was sick
and down in bed.  I remember asking him a spiritual question once, and I
remember he ignored me and gave me a filthy look like as if I was scum.
Maybe it was the army jacket that I had acquired in Tucson, 9th grade,
before coming to spend the summer at grandma's (it disappeared at grandma's
house, too).  I did notice that he gave a great prayer and lot's of devotion
and care to grandma, who handed him a $50 dollar bill when he was through.
She later told me she regularly gave him $50.

Then, there was reverend Jess Hamilton.  I walked in the doors one evening a
couple years after having spent the summer, and he was there to greet me.
He was so friendly and I couldn't help but feeling that he loved me and that
he loved everyone.  I stuck around for a couple of years when he was there
and it felt very much as if I was with family.. a caring, love each other,
family.  It was fun.  It was social, and the music.. it was awesome and

When Disotell reigned, my aunt had shed her TV as Disotell had informed the
congregation  that TV's were evil.  The church members had a major clean up
in which all rock music and inapropriate audio/video (anything but gospel)
media went to a sale for the Lord.. and the church.  I mused about how each
individual pastor led the congregation in belief, thought and action.

Aunt L'Marie had a TV again when bro Hamilton became pastor.