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unclescam unclescam@buskers.org
Fri, 19 Jan 2001 01:31:03 -0500

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    what would christ, in a christian church, have done,? the pastor
should have invited the man to stay another night and fed him, and
brought him to the lord. we're talking about a crime against property
(80 % of all laws protect property not people)  owned in trust with god.
would god begrudge any soul a part of his wealth ? be nice now

john macpherson wrote:

> The pastor in the case of a man breaking a window
> should dismiss all the charges for a lesser offense of
> trespass or criminal mischief and time served.
> For a person to break a window to gain access is a
> crime against all, let alone steal money and a candy
> bar from a self serve office vender. This man knew
> what he did was wrong.
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