[Hpn] memorial procession for the homeless

hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org hnj-dc@homesnotjails.org
Sun, 14 Jan 2001 13:47:42 -0500

> Please spread far and wide-
> Join Homes Not Jails for a memorial procession for homeless people who have 
> died on DC's streets this year.  There will be a direct action in 
> conjunction with the memorial procession.  We will be adressing the fact 
> that HUD has many empty buildings throughout DC, some of which are actually 
> heated, while people are freezing to death on the streets.  HUD is selling 
> off these buildings at market rate, often to investors.
> WHEN: January 18th at 11am.
> WHERE:  TO BE ANNOUNCED *We will announce on Tuesday.  You can also call 
> 202-297-4430 for updated info.
> Speakers will include:  David Getman- Homeless Association, Editor of Life 
> on the Line, Life on the Grate; and Nadine Green- a formerly homeless mother 
> who took direct action to meet her housing needs
> We will be creating props for the rally as well.  For information on when 
> and where we will be doing this and updated info. about the memorial 
> procession, please call 202-297-4430.
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