[Hpn] Re: [HpnBoston: Human Rights OBSERVERSchanged thingsat at WELFARE CENTER M-F evenings (fwd) (fwd) CENTER M-F evenings (fwd) (fwd)

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
13 Jan 2001 08:12:34 -0800

I was remiss to mention that in Boston welfare office tableing has changed the face of DTA (Department of Transitional Assistance).  I is much more like going to the dentist cause they try to get you in and out cause if they don't they know someone is out there in the lobby with a cell phone waiting for someone to need them. It changes the face of this thing. 

We need to be aware though. 'Cause we can't let up just because it appears more civil.  As far as I am concerned the more civil the more deadly! natural life is kind of nasty sometimes and civility has no place for that. Well, if you can be exxtra humble and get your thank you notes in in a timely fashion ther is a place. 

So what happens you can't be civil (w/wout thank you notes)? 
You are outcast, rebel, heathen, suspect.........

I goof around about very serious things but only 'cause I did the fetal position thing and that gets old. And, I have figured out that if I keep my humorscope in check I stay erect (I am a woman) and vertical, moving on with the struggle.


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