[Hpn] playing homeless

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Sat, 13 Jan 2001 02:09:07 -0800


Well-said! It also is ironic to me that, as you said,"Everybody had someone
to call that would pick them up if they found it tough going."
Of all of us who have been homeless, how many of us  had family members that
offered us shelter for even one night?
It is also the bits and pieces of being seen and treated as something not quite
human that begin to add up. For example, an online friend of mine in California,
who, when I mentioned that I might visit California when I had enough money
for a ticket, offered to "find me a local homeless shelter to stay in". Gee,
thanks pal.. I think I will invite her over here to Norway and offer to put
HER up in a homeless shelter.
It feels as if there are layers and layers of mass unawareness that have to
be peeled back one by one. For example, those well-meaning groups who design
exercises in "feeling homeless" without bothering to consult those of us who
are or who have been homeless. 
And Joe, I know what you mean about online buddies helping to keep one's sanity.
I am still going through changes with my personal family members. For example,
my daughter... who, all during the time I was homeless, never even even offered
to put me up..even for one night (along with the rest of my family)...and yet,
now that she is getting married next year, wants me to attend the wedding. Can
we say "conditional"?
*sigh* I am aware that being bitter and resentful doesn't help me in readjusting
to "normal" (??????) life...however..there does seem to be a time for recognizing
the insanity of a situation. Under one set of circumstances, I am a nonentity...
and under others, I suddenly become "visible" again. Peek a boo, I see you!!
But I don't if you're homeless!!

((Zen hugs back at you))))))

>I'm sorry, I know these people meant well but thus was only role playing. Everybody
had someone to call that would pick them up if they found it tough going. They
all knew that tomorrow it would be over.
>A "fairer" exercise would have been to drop each one off in another state (no
relatives, no friends around) without money or ID and with the knowege that
they were not going to get any help from anyone they know for 6 months - or
longer. the idea being that they shoukd learn what it is like when all you can
see for the future is this and then you stop seeing a future. that they should
really feel cut off from common humanity. Maybe I'm being to harsh but even
though I have a place now (for now?) this is ex
> I have friends that tell me how far I've come. I know how much I've lost and
will never get back... Most of my friends are online pen-pals and I am grateful
for each one cause they are what keeps me alive.
>  These people mean well and maybe they're doing the best they can so I'm not
going to put them down. But I find so many church (and other as well) groups
are so quick to congratulate themselves after one of these happenings (sorry
-I couldn't resist!) and the next day -well the "problem" still goes on and
>   See, my bembery, we are out here yet! BTW I'm tempted to ask you what your
moniker means! Off list of course!
>    Zen hugs to all from Joe (Who is so glad this free service comes with a
spell checker or he'd look like an even bigger idiot!)
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