[Hpn] Giunta vows to keep boosting city

William Charles Tinker wtinker@fcgnetworks.net
Tue, 9 Jan 2001 20:37:17 -0500

 Dear Mayor Giunta;homeless,housing activists and advocates!
 Are you still wearing those rose colored sun glasses?
Have you ignored the fact that you are on a world wide global boycott on
the internet because of your hard handed actions against 37 low income and
disabled residents of Franklin Street in Franklin,N.H.?You even arrested two
pastors on trumpted up bogus charges for fixing up the property they had
  The fact that Franklin District courts judges did not recuse them selves
shows exactly how much you were double dealing and had planned all along to
dehome these persons no matter what it took.By law and by all the ethics
prescribed by law the Franklin District Court should have allowed this case
to be heard in either New London District Court or Concord District Court
  So as far as your accomplishing anything to revitalize Franklin and seduce
new businesses into the area I do not see it happening,because if the city
fathers are this bigoted no one will move in say nothing about build a
business that prospers you got no reliability,no loyality to any thing or
anyone and your god is the dollar bill!
 You will need more affordable housing in order to have people work in new
business ventures,have you noticed that all the businesses that open up on
down town Central Street in the past 7 years have only lasted 6 months?
  So you can promote all you want, but untill you can get back basic human
respectability,and build affordable housing to replace the 16 units you took
off the rental market on Franklin Street for a 22 space parking lot you are
fighting a lost cause.
  I hope you remember every single one of those 37 residents names Mayor
Giunta because you just might have too!

 William Charles Tinker
25 Granite Street
Northfield,New Hampshire 03276

                         Tuesday, January 9, 2001
                         Giunta vows to keep boosting city
                         By GORDON D. KING

                         Staff Writer

                         FRANKLIN - When Mayor Tony Giunta took office a
 ago, he promised to promote the city.

                         He had no way of knowing that Franklin would
 more publicity than he could have ever hoped or paid for all because of one
 person - a young woman wearing a pink bikini.

                         During Monday's inaugural ceremony, which marked
 end of Giunta's first year in office, he made note of the Jenna
 Lewis/Survivor phenomenon.

                         Lewis was one of the contestants selected for the
 CBS-TV hit summer show "Survivor." Although she was voted off the island
 before the series ended, the fact that the single mother of twin girls was
 from a small New Hampshire community, drew nationwide publicity.

                         "I'll bet just about everyone in the country heard
 or read of Franklin, N.H., at one time or another this past year. In fact,
 also bet this show may have generated the first call ever to City Hall from
 a nationally syndicated television show," the mayor said during his State
 the City address on Monday evening.

                         The ceremony was held at the recently renovated
 school. Scores of local residents were given tours of the school by
 and administrators.

                         Giunta said Jenna Lewis became popular because she
 reflects everything which is good about Franklin.

                         "She was a team player, she was genuine, moral,
 community-minded and family-minded. And because of this, we had Jenna Lewis
 Day where again the city received good press and so many people including
 the governor commented on how Jenna really was a special individual," the
 mayor said.

                         Giunta said he will continue to promote the city
 wants to implement the Vision 2000 plan which calls for the revitalization
 of the downtown business district.

                         "We need to get serious about implementing our
 Vision 2000 downtown strategy. We've got a well thought out road map on how
 to re-energize our downtown and by doing so return additional funds to our
 treasury. Again this will allow us to lower tax rates and still have
 to improve our infrastructure," he said.

                         The mayor issued a challenge to the City Council.

                         "Our taxes are too high. Based on the 1999 tax
 figures, we have the fourth worst tax rate of all the cities in New
 Hampshire. To remain competitive in attracting businesses and allowing
 families to keep more of their hard earned money for investments, we need
 lower our tax rate," he said.

                         The city is currently in the process of being
 re-evaluated. Property values have risen about 10 percent during the past
 year and are expected to rise about the same amount this year.

                         "This translates to having the ability to raise
 comparable revenues from a lower tax rate. I challenge the council when we
 start looking at the budget this year to first look at property tax relief
 for our citizens. And I even have a tax rate to shoot for. I'd like our tax
 rate to go below $30 per thousand," he said.

                         The current rate is $32.09.

                         The mayor said he selected the $30 figure because
 puts the city in the middle of the pack among other cities in the state.

                         "And like we have been striving to get to the
 when it comes to city salaries and other areas of city expenditures, it's
 time someone starts talking about moving to the middle of tax rates for our
 taxpayers," Mayor Giunta said.

                         In other reflections on his first year in office,
 the mayor said the most important community achievement was the visible
 evidence of added community pride and revival.

                         "The citizens of Franklin were investing in their
 properties and people noticed. Whether it was finely manicured lawns and
 yards during the summer or neighbors fixing up their properties, the city
 looked great. This has a huge impact on our perception and I thank all of
 you for getting involved in beautifying our neighborhoods," the mayor said

                         He also thanked those who attended Monday evening's
 ceremony, saying it was a show of support for the city.

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