[Hpn] What about a national NO a GLOBAL squat in?

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Tue, 09 Jan 2001 15:33:44 -0500

<html><DIV>This is an Idea, that I've put forth many times in the past, while I was living on the streets, and I put it forth to people not only on the streets, but people that professed to caring about the homeless, and the poverty situation in general, but being on the streets, was unable to get the idea off of the ground, but with the net, IT CAN BE DONE1</DIV>
<DIV>It's an idea, about organizing folk, scouting out properties, vacant lots, farms, factories, warehouses, residential, old motels, etc. etc. etc.getting it together with the homeless, the activists, the supportive segment, the folk that support co-operative and cottage industry, The Indian Nations, and pick a day to start a global squat in, Where people everywhere, homeless and otherwise, move into a wide variety of places every where, and through co-ordinative co-operative effort, start cleaning, and converting the said (and places that wern't said) into whatever they are to become, and through co-operative networking, the needs of the various places can be posted, and the places having the items as surplus can let it be known it's available</DIV>
<DIV>The little (though not little to those involved) situations, be it tent city, or razing for a parking lot, here, and the other one over there,&nbsp;are to easy for the evil folk of this world to put a stop to..</DIV>
<DIV>The only hope is for one big, massive co-ordinated movement, where even folk having no interest in what one group is doing,&nbsp;are assisting in it getting it done, or at least not hindering.</DIV>
<DIV>What can' they' do if we do this, and do it every where at the same time?, Are they going to arrest us all?.&nbsp; Are they going to call out the national guard?&nbsp; What if the reservist and those in the national guard can't be reached, because they are squating, and there is no phone?</DIV>
<DIV>What if some are arrested here or there, and people from places everywhere show up and swamp courthouses everywhere?</DIV>
<DIV>What if<BR>?</DIV>
<DIV>&nbsp; What if we don't do it? Do we have the right to keep bitching?&nbsp;&nbsp;If we don't get off of our duffs, and let "them" know how feed up, and serious we really are, are we doomed to fighting remote destined to lose, or at least make little headway battles, or are we going to go all out and do it? . I'm tired, and can't do it myself, neither can any of us.!!!!!</DIV>
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