[Hpn] re, response to Lucinda Houston's remark

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
8 Jan 2001 10:54:25 -0800

No one is faultless Bill.  Some of us may deserve a bigger share but there is where it gets tricky. Who amoung us is in the position to judge that on a individual basis? None of us!  

So, let us change the framework of this discussion. While it sucks to be attacked no one can make you feel anything unless you give them that power. Don't do it Man! We can never make progress if we get bogged down fighting about points that will still be issues as long as there are more than one individual on this earth. We can also no grown significantly from a position of overall comfort.

Conflict is not bad it forces to reevaluate the way we do things and the beliefs we hold true. I was a conflict dodger, 'cause in my family a disagreement could turn into Homicide but know I am seeing that we must be able to share what we see as truth. In other words, I prefer a Klansman in a hood as opposed to Jeans and a teeshirt.  Get me?  I want to know what makes you work so I can figure out how I can best move forward and A. leave you alone or B. develop a working relationship w/you.

We don't need to agree on everthing or even like eachother. Justice is what binds us through all the pain, it must bind us or we are fighting for nothing.

I feel your pain and outrage but what are you gonna do waste your 20 yrs hard earned expertise fighting the Uncs in the world or are you gonna stay in it with it and hold out for the dream even if it means you won't see it in your time.

Go git 'em Bill and now we are here right or wrong to support you in that!


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