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Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now

FWD - ACORN press release

ACORN Living Wage Resource Center


Fight for Social and Economic Justice!
Learn Grassroots Organizing!

The California Grassroots Organizing School is
hiring community organizers for paid internships

CGOS is building a national movement for social and
economic justice by organizing low and moderate income
communities, immigrants, and communities of color for
power and social change. CGOS is working in the
trenches with grassroots organizations throughout
northern California and across the United States.  In
recent years, participating organizations have:

* helped win living wage campaigns
* fought for the rights of tenants in San Jose,
Oakland, & Sacramento
* won countless campaigns for racial justice,
including bank redlining, racially unequal schools,
* fought to raise the California minimum wage to $8
and to end "predatory lending"

Participating interns work at the community level to
build grassroots social justice organizations. This
process involves doorknocking, house meetings, phone
banks, mailings, mass meetings, and action, action,
action!  Marches, rallies, protests, sit-ins!!!!
Organizers also work citywide on major campaigns like
the living wage or against racially discriminatory
bank lending.  Interns will be based in the CGOS
Oakland office, though affiliated organizations have
offices in Sacramento, San Jose, Richmond, and San
Francisco.  Housing will be arranged for out-of-town

Internship will extend one month from January 28th to
February 23rd, 2001.

Participants must be available to continue working in
permanent positions beginning February 26th.  No
experience necessary, but a commitment to social
justice is required.  Extensive training provided.
Available to work weeknights until 9:00 pm and
Saturday mornings. Spanish helpful.

Interns will be paid a $1,000 stipend for the month.
Women, people of color, & a bilingual persons strongly

Call CGOS -- (888) 918-8818 or e-mail:


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