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Tom Boland wgcp@earthlink.net
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 05:11:16 -0800 (PST)

my bembery <mybembery@altavista.com> wrote HPN on 7 Jan 2001:
>Justice does not dictate that I have surround sound but is does hint
>towards my being able to maintain a place to go and wash my ass.

Well said, my sister.  To rethink my former reply on "Powerful Bitching":

For each problem we face, we need to respond with an eye to "rights and
outcomes". So we need to "assess case by case":

1) whether we have a "valid complaint" and thus the Right to Bitch (and)

2) whether "Bitching or Politeness" will gain more for homeless people.

Being "_inflexibly_ Bitchy or Conciliatory" impedes organizers'
effectiveness.  To effect "long-term gains" for homeless people, and to not
"burn out" from setbacks and quit the struggle, organizers need to be
"emotionally _flexible_".

Have I made a Clear Statement yet?  (You decide!:)

Please help me and us all to "think clearly about effective _tactics_ for
social justice".  Consider adding your views about this, HPNers!

When you do so, please consider this approach:

1) Feel free to "respectfully disagree" with me or others, but without
"dismissive labels for ideas" or "personal name-calling".  Instead, assess
facts and theories with "_evidence_ pro and con".  In short, agree where
you can and "criticize constructively".

2) To reduce the liklihood and duration of "Flame Wars onlist" (spats
fueled by ill-will), get _permission_ before posting here or elsewhere what
HPN members have written "offlist".  In short, respect people's personal

3) If you feel _angry_ when replying to an HPN member, consider "waiting a
day" before sending your reply.  That will give you "time to rethink how
you word your reply", and to avoid sending replies you later feel may have
been overly harsh in tone.  In short, "think before you post" what you may
later regret writing.

Thanks for all of your "courage to speak truth" as you see it.  May
"robust, respectful dialog" continue on how to help our homeless peers.
Write ON!

Seeking peaceful means to homeless peoples' aims. -- Tom

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