[Hpn] hello to Elijah (and Solutions/ThinkTanks)

Harmony Foster Kieding fosterharmony@savethisplanet.com
Mon, 8 Jan 2001 04:01:59 -0800


Am very happy to see your energy and ideas here on this mailing list-welcome!

First of all, a creative "think tank" would be great. It is what I have wanted
for a long time, and it so much needed. We need creative, alternative solutions.

There's been a lot of feelings stirred up in here lately. I guess it's normal
in human interactions...BUT...if we could all just allow for the possibility
that there may be more than one approach to a problem, then some of the tension
and friction may ease up.
For me, there is no problem with differing opinions. We're always going to have
them, all of us. For me it's more a matter of what makes the best atmosphere
to work and communicate in, and when put that way, mutual respect and politeness
"work". When we are polite and respectful, we can let our "guard" down and our
creative thinking is freed up to come up with solutions. Because we need solutions
here. Obviously society has pretty much come to an impasse with how to address
the "problem" of us.
In an earlier email, I mentioned the "horrible" rite of passage of being homeless.
Well, now I really want to emend that statement, and change "horrible" to read
"potential" rite of passage. Because we are also what we can get and make from
our experiences. There is something about being out on the street that can bring
out the most resourceful side of a human being. We can see possibilities in
things that others may not even be aware of.
As far as "think tank" stuff goes, I have had some experience with holographic
solution solving. It uses whole consciousness to arrive at solutions that may
not have been possible just going from point A to point B and back again. (Am
thinking of Michael Talbot's "Holographic Universe" here).
Balance is so important. There is a time to be independent and a time to ask
for help. Remember..it is possible to repay help and kindness! That's what happened
with me and my husband. I was accused of "panhandling" when I mentioned here
in hpn that I had received help from my friends on the Internet.  The "Fair
Witness" would have me mention that I was able to repay many by, for example,
making them a homepage. In other cases, they were simply repaying me for a kindness
I had done them in their time of need. Things do have a way of evening out.

The Holographic Solution Circle/Circle of Life is a circle which includes all
people, all places, all times, all ideas, all cultures, all life forms- everything
that is, was, and will be. It is a circle of interconnectedness in which we
discover all that relates us to one another. 
In this way of seeing things..the "Problem" and the "Solution" are not seen
as separate entities miles apart from one another. Instead, in holographic thinking,
the "Problem" becomes the tip of a "Greater Solution" waiting to emerge.
New lines of possible solutions open up. We explore everything from the most
ideal solution, to what is expected in "practical" terms, to unlooked for help,
contacts, and resources. The "Either/Or" approach diminishes as we realize that
we can actually actually achieve more than we thought possible.


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