[Hpn] re I agree with david and deb ward

elijah huffman hobo_poet@hotmail.com
Mon, 08 Jan 2001 00:00:46 -0500

<P>I was surprised to see an e-mail from you in my inbox, so soon after writing one to you. although it's not in response to the one i wrote. maybe it's because I put you in my address book, and this didn't go to bulk mail as a result'</P>
<P>let me say, that i guess I have been a 'bad camper', and only skimed through the 'hpn stuff (I have been very busy cooking for the house of folk where I am at, plus working on a computer with a lot of glitches to straighten out, for a former resident, trying to get together a webpage, and trying to get together computers, and setup an intranet in our house.&nbsp; But......</P>
<P>I don't disagree with the need for shelters, (not being able to address thier letter directly)&nbsp;But I do see the need to totaly revamp all of the existing programs, as it seems that the programs are more devoted to Their own existance, and getting bigger and bigger, and needing more and more revenue for maintance, and giving less and less real help, and the help they do give, they seem to begrudge giveng it, plus they are not much more than 'bandaid' programs,&nbsp;failing even refusing to get to the root causes of homelessness, in order to start affecting a cure. </P>
<P>They instead, seem to help perpetuate poverty and homelessness by standing inbetween those that need the help, and the folk that really would like to help, preventing those two groups from coming together and finding what help is really needed, in order&nbsp;to put and end to the homeless sitiation, or to at least&nbsp; work towards doing just that.</P>
<P>I have dealt with many different agencys and done speaking engagements for one of the national homeless organizations, and although the organization I spoke through, and people from the groups I spoke to, would comment on my intelligence, they still thought that they, and these other, over-paid, so-called 'experts' on homelessness, knew more about what to do about homelessness, and more about the homeless themselves, than I, or any other homeless, or formally homeless person.&nbsp; After all, we're homeless, what do we know?</P>
<P>If anyone by somechance detects my bitterness, or lack of support concerning the missions, etc. It's probabably because it is there. &nbsp;I slept under my first bridge when I was 14, and although I went on to get a G.E.D., and even did some colledge time, I've spent most of my lide homeless by choice, as I have hard feelings about our very corrupt, and&nbsp;deceptive system.</P>
<P>I remember when in the 60's the mis-programed, blind patriots, whould say " america, love it or leave it" I soon learned to respond "America love it or make it better", and that's what needs to be done, we need tostart ripping out all of these' live off of the donations meant to help the folk in need organazations' and establish our own&nbsp; that with the initial donation to tool us up towards having earned income will work towards supporting itself, so that any further donations coming in, can go to help other folk to do the same. .We need organizations that instead of building themselves up to be strong, instead get their strength through building up the people<BR><BR>It's got to be 'us'</P>
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<DIV></DIV>&gt;Subject: [Hpn] re I agree with david and deb ward 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2001 03:42:54 -0000 
<DIV></DIV>&gt;Hi I agree with david and deb ward about shelters here in england if we did'nt have any a lot of people would be on the streets, some people would not be able to maintain a home because of their addictions to either drugs or alcohol. I worked voluntary on a ressettlement program after I was given accomodation and I was amazed to see that some people were being housed before they were given a chance to address their problem which is in my opinion is a recipe for disaster, over here it seems all they want to do is put people into flats and disregard their problems just so the figures for the homeless are reduced. Yes shelters are needed 
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