[Hpn] re how do they get away with it

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
7 Jan 2001 11:17:49 -0800

On Sun, 07 January 2001, "bill.cannon" wrote:

> Please note I am in no way 
> saying that the Salvation Army do not do a good job in other areas I just feel 
> and from observations that in the field of homelessness they are exploiting the 
> homeless situation. They are not the only ones either other big charities do the 
> same thing here in bristol uk. How do they get away with it ?

What is going on, on a community level there. The big charities are more resposible to the community they they would like you to know. What is the response?

They will do what they can get away with always! please stay in touch.  I am in Boston MA.  We try to keep things so civilized on the surface that things stay in control that way. 

The general thinking is that you give people just barely enough and with the rules of civility it would be rude to challenge the charitable.

yours in struggle, Mikala

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