[Hpn] Seattle TENT CITY Permit Denied - WA USA (fwd)

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Sun, 7 Jan 2001 09:22:14 -0800 (PST)

CIRCULATE PLEASE to nonviolent defenders of Homeless People's Civil Rights: Seattle Tent City CONTACT: "Anitra Freeman" <anitra@speakeasy.org> SEE ALSO http://www.speakeasy.org/~anitra/ SEE ALSO http://www.realchangenews.org/issue/current/index.html Real Change News 2129 2nd Ave. Seattle, WA 98121 Tel: 206.441.3247 Email:rchange@speakeasy.org http://newsfinder.arinet.com/fpweb/fp.dll/$stargeneral/htm/x_dv.htm/_ibyx/cg0302 6/_itox/starnet/_svc/news/_Id/696067925/_k/EWFB2bA0EXv5vh4s FWD Associated Press - AP Wire Service - Jan 05, 2221 CITY DENIES REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY PERMIT FOR HOMELESS CAMP SEATTLE (AP) _ City officials have denied El Centro de la Raza's request for a temporary permit to allow a tent-city encampment of about 100 homeless people to stay on the Beacon Hill property of the Hispanic community center. Tent City residents had already planned to pull up stakes Jan. 15 or 16, spokesman Roberto Maestas said Thursday. Several other city sites are being considered for the nomadic community, but he said he could not discuss them. The six-month temporary permit was denied because ``we felt that we simply could not approve housing that fails to meet our most minimal housing standards,'' said Rick Krochalis, director of the city's Department of Design, Construction and Land Use. The decision will be appealed to a city hearing examiner. Maestas said legal experts believe the tent city is constitutionally protected under citizens' right to assembly, and a victory would set a precedent for future encampments. Dozens of homeless people have lived in ``Tent Village III'' since mid-July _ the longest-term site since the tent city emerged last spring after emergency winter shelters were closed. The El Centro site is the only one in which the property owner tried to get a temporary-use permit. Applying for the permit cost tent-city residents $2,500, which they raised through a car wash, Maestas said. The city's 2001-02 budget includes $4 million in new funding for homeless shelters, housing, rental assistance and service initiatives, though it's not clear those facilities could house all the tent-city residents, said Deputy Mayor Tom Byers. Many tent-city residents say shelters don't meet their needs, Byers noted. For example, those with jobs say they can't always make it back to a shelter in time to secure a bed for the night. Since 1998, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell's initiatives have helped increase King County shelter capacity by 20 percent, Byers said. AP-WS-01-05-01 2306EST Received Id AP101005EEB17FD6 on Jan 05 2001 22:06 END FORWARD **In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107, this material is distributed without charge or profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving this type of information for non-profit research and educational purposes only.** BOOKMARK HPN Archives for CONSTANTLY UPDATING NEWS on Homeless People organizing: ************************************************************ 9000+ articles by or via homeless & ex-homeless people INFO & to join/leave list - Tom Boland <wgcp@earthlink.net> Nothing About Us Without Us - Democratize Public Policy ************************************************************