[Hpn] a coupla thoughts

my bembery mybembery@altavista.com
7 Jan 2001 08:21:05 -0800

On Sun, 07 January 2001, "Harmony Foster Kieding" wrote:

> I have to re-imagine and re-work a "society" in which everyone has a place and
> dignity.
> Here Here Harmony,   I feel the same way. Just can't live the same. I can pinpiont the SPECIFICE blessings that kept me going and pulled me from the brink.

I know how prosperous I am and work reallllllllll hard not to take it forgranted.  Alas, that is the human condition though huh?  Wanting more comfort. 

I have got two boys that have a home,food, love and some toys.  There was a time when I had to walk to the market with the shopping cart(it always rained or snowed on that foodstamp day!, now I drive. I still can't buy all that I want but I ain't walking with that heavy load, that wasn't what I want either. that is progress.

Go on Harmony imagine on, it would definitly be harder to deny someone that scratches your itch. 


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